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"In mindfulness one is not only restful and happy, but alert and awake. Meditation is not evasion; it is a serene encounter with reality." ~ Thick Nhat Hanh                                                         

What does it take to activate equilibrium?

As pure light we are comprised of an energetic field called chakras. There are seven main chakras that work as “transmitters and receivers” for our physical and emotional health – each has their own characteristic and function.  In order for optimal well being, it’s crucial that these “fields” stay in healthy working order independently, so that they may function collectively and on behalf of our: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health.

Each chakra not only is associated with a spiritual meaning, but is also related to our physical body or physiology and governs that exact placement.  So, what does this mean? 

When functioning and healthy, our coned shaped chakras spin clockwise and are vivid in color.  When our energy field(s) is in disharmony or imbalanced they may be cloudy, still, move sideways or spin in reverse. 

Modalities such as yoga, meditation, prayer and energy work such as Reiki are excellent tools that lend themselves to wholeness and healing. 

The Chakra System:

First Chakra: “aka” Root Chakra, Element - Earth. Attribute: Patience

Color: Bright red. 

Location: Base of spine. 

Governs: Tips of your toes to your hips; bones, muscles and tendons, including the colon. 

Represents: Connection to family of origin. Safety and security on a primal level; the basic need of being loved and nurtured. 

Function: To pull up earth energy. 

If Imbalanced: Fear, feelings of not being “rooted”, “tethered” or “grounded”. This chakra is the foundation of our entire energetic system.  

Antidote: Take stock of your worth. Work towards strengthening and attracting healthy, reciprocal, loving relationships and friendships that you value. 

Mantra: I am grounded, I am rooted to earth energy. I am significant and loved by family and friends; I know who I am and where I'm from.

Second Chakra: Element - Fire. Attribute: Purity

Color: Bright orange. 

Location: The pelvic region, two inches below the belly button. 

Governs: Reproductive organs, kidneys and adrenal glands. 

Represents: Creativity.  Passion, desire, self-expression for life: Through business, work, home, intimate relationships and joy.  It’s all about the creation and living an abundant life that inspires you

Function:  To draw up creative energy, passion, desire and joy in support of our energetic system. 

If Imbalanced: Feelings of being creatively stifled, stagnant or numb: An overall lack of happiness and inspiration in life.    

Antidote: Allow for fun, freedom, creative expression and joy. Take art based classes that foster your creative spirit such as writing, dance and music. Reinforce and nurture intimate relationships that you are passionate about.  Live from a place of abundance and self expression in all that you do.

Mantra: Recite + Repeat - (right hand on your low abdomen, left hand on your heart). I am inspired, passionate and full of joy; my relationships, work and life honor and reflect my creative spirit.

Third Chakra: Element - Water. Attribute: Radiance

Color: Bright yellow. 

Location: Between the naval and base of the sternum. 

Governs: The solar plexus, digestive process, organs and system, immune and nervous systems.

Represents: Self-worth, love of self. Spiritual strength, wisdom, courage and bravery. 

Function: The ability to believe in self and to take ownership of one’s own personal power. To radiate within the frequency of courage, self- love and self-acceptance.

If Imbalanced: Feelings of low self esteem and self doubt. Excessive pride or shame and the need for authority. It is believed to be an area of cause for auto-immune, digestive disorders and can hold repressed anger. 

Antidote: Practice loving mantras and positive self affirmations. Lean towards thoughts of courage by taking healthy risk. Focus on living your unique life purpose and innate strengths. Remind yourself how much value you possess. 

Mantra: I am loved; I nurture myself. I value my worth, my courage and believe in my strengths. 

Fourth Chakra: aka "The Heart Chakra", Element - Air. Attribute: Contentment

Color: Green. 

Location: Center of chest. 

Governs: The heart and related organs: cardiac nerve plexus, respiratory, and cardiac systems, thymus gland.

Represents: Love and relationship to self and others.

Function: The ability to express and receive unconditional love to self/others.

If Imbalanced: Depression, fear of intimacy, isolation, or unhealthy boundaries in intimate relationships.

Antidote: Take stock of your worth. Work towards strengthening and attracting healthy, reciprocal, loving relationships and friendships that you value.

Mantra: I give and receive love freely and generously. I grow through unconditional love for myself and for others. 

Fifth Chakra: Element - Sound (Ethers). Attribute: Unity 

Color: Bright blue 

Location: Throat

 Governs:  Our speech; laryngeal nerve plexus, vocal cords, mouth, throat, ears, thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Represents: Communication and self-expression.

Function: The ability to speak, own our truth and be heard. 

If Imbalanced: Too much speech with no clear message, or the adverse - tightness in the throat and the inability to communicate.

Antidote: Learn to communicate openly, honestly and with love. Equally, be mindful of the your self-talk. Choose your words with love and kindness. 

Mantra: I hold positive thoughts for myself and others. My verbal expression reflects my soul and I lovingly speak my truth.

Sixth Chakra: aka "The Third Eye", Element:The Supreme. Attribute: Founding Element


Color: Indigo/purple


Location: Between and just slightly above the eyebrows.

Governs: Medula plexus, pituitary glands, eyes, the portal to the higher mind.

Represents: Our perception and access points to self-realization.

Function:The gateway to our intuitive selves, imagination and to see things as they really are.

If Imbalanced: Mental fog, illusion and delusion; unable to discern our true reality.

Antidote: Learn to "tap in", "tune in" and trust your innate guidance. Use your creative imagination in daily life and career. Practice self-visualization techniques through meditation. Trust your inherent wisdom in life, business and love.

Mantra: I am clearly connected to my intuitive self. I trust my inner wisdom.

Seventh Chakra: aka "The Crown Chakra", Element - Beyond Time and Space. Attribute: Purity 

Color: White; also seen as violet or gold.

Location: Top of head or just atop the head.

Governs: Upper skull, cerebral cortex, pineal gland, coordinates other chakras. 

Represents: Oneness, the connection to Source, the essence of all. 

Function: The act of knowing, our truth and spiritual belief system. The pathway to our purpose and higher self.

If Imbalanced: A disassociation with reality, seeking validation outside ourselves. 

Antidote: Recruit guidance to discover/support your soul path/growth. Tap in to your higher self by connecting to Source through prayer and meditation. Explore your truths and personal belief system through reflection. Understand and foster your relationship with the Divine. 

   Mantra:       I am connected to my belief in a higher power and view life as sacred. I’m in the space of knowing.



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