Soul, Enlightenment + the Sacredness of Sleep.


“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die.  And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The Soul is a star.  It can live harmoniously with balance and nurturance. It strives for equilibrium on the physical, mental/intellectual, spiritual and emotional level to perform in its most optimum expression.

Sleep encourages healing of not only our physical bodies, but our soul’s wounded parts. Dreamtime or lucid dreaming awakens the story within us that helps to promote growth on all levels, thus enriching our personal journey. Sleep is a sanctimonious tool that resets and repairs us. When we’re in relentless pursuit of time-honoring ourselves, we can do so through a good night’s sleep.

Conscious feelings are what make us human. We can sit still and deep with our emotional parts that require repair through sleep and meditation. Sleep is a medicinal and therapeutic vehicle that encourages healing.  Through sleep, we can renegotiate which no longer serves; seek growth in a new direction, part ways with what’s no longer working and receive inspirational messaging. When we are in alignment, we create firm boundaries for ourselves and are able to live in brilliant symmetry.  

Sleep, rest (napping) and meditation allow us the ability to effectively problem solve, while offering a host of life sustaining benefits.

"If you love your body with sleep, it will love you back."  

Understanding the four stages of sleep and the three minds: 

We have four stages of sleep, all critical to our wellness. We are blend of three minds that are greatly affected by our sleep patterns. They are: the conscious mind or the middle mind, the subconscious mind or the lower mind and the super-conscious mind or the higher mind - which connects us to our infinite Divine potential.

What a balanced night of sleep looks like:

Stage one: Or pre-sleep is10% of the night. The senses feel somewhere between awake and asleep. This stage can be achieved in yoga nidra – yoga sleep or lucid dreaming. It is known as the theta state in hypnotherapy. This state is aligned with the subconscious mind, where 90% of our emotions, habits, self-preservation, long term and permanent memory reside. So there, it’s understandable that it’s in this state, that great permanent change and healing can take place if properly facilitated through hypnotherapy.  

Stage two: Consists of 50% of our sleep night, it is not too deep or too light. Throughout this stage, heart rate and blood pressure slows down to a restful state, while your body temperature drops.

Stage three: 20% of the night, this is our deepest sleep. We spend the majority of stage three at the beginning of the night. This is our most restorative sleep, where brain waves and breathing slows, blood flow moves to muscles, tissue is repaired and hormones are secreted. This stage allows us to feel our most rested and energetic the next day.

REM sleep: 20% of our sleep. We spend the majority of our REM sleep or “dreaming sleep” at the end of the night. This is also where we have our most vivid dreams.  

The conscious mind aka the “thinking mind,” holds 10 percent of our personal power. It has the ability to rationalize, invoke willpower, analyze and hold temporary memory.   We spend so much of our time in conscious thought, often times thought that does not serve our well-being: does it really best serve us energetically and holistically?  

Approaching our sleep with conscious reverence is to know the impact it makes on our body, mind, Spirit, and heart connection.  This may motivate us to further realize our individual and collective potential for possibility.  

"Sleep is the impetus for and gateway to creative enlightenment."


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