revelations :: the freedom of going to the well + trusting your instincts


Do you find yourself longing for approval at every turn? Searching for answers and discovering in hindsight, that you had exactly what you needed? Defending what you do and why you do it?

These are just a few examples of what we encounter, when we’re not in a place of knowing and trusting ourselves.

I personally experienced this last night, on a flight at cruising altitude from Washington D.C.: doubt, panic and tears streaming like a flood zone, with "what the F$%?s" playing like a loop of bad studio music through my brain. Finally, I regained composure and pulled it together.

Thank god for revelations…

From my arsenal of personal perspective, the worst decisions that I’ve made, were based on someone else’s advice, that is, when I already knew at a visceral or gut level that I was on the right track.

Well meaning, people at times and with the best of intentions are chock full of advice. I’ve made it my personal policy, not to offer unsolicited advice on a situation or scenario, unless that is, you’re my child, my husband, you request it, or the situation is dire. Why? It may inadvertently create deviation from what you know to be true for yourself: the truth that will open portals of meaning + moments of insight for personal growth.

Soulful Offerings: 

* You are your life’s coach. Harness the skill and learn to tap deep into your personal well of knowing + trust. This is a practice that takes clarity and repetition until the results are such that you have proven to yourself (and nobody else), that only you know, what’s best for YOU. There will be a level of comfort and ease when you get to this place – an overall sense of well being + confidence. Believe in the realness of this moment, because it’s just that, for real.

* Find people in your tribe to draw wisdom from. Identify those sage individuals that really “see you”. They’re the people that may lend themselves, offer the insight and the gift of being ever-so-slightly removed enough to add value as they really wish you to succeed. 

Give it the name of your choosing: North Star, Sacred Ambition, or Calling. Glimmers of insight, lucidity, strokes of creative clarity, intuition + genius ~ at your beckoning. When they arrive, ride their wave to freedom.