:: contractual beliefs + the proverbial “Plan B”


It’s said that “Plan B” is the just-in-case-things-don’t-work-out-for-me plan we design for ourselves, when “Plan A”, seems out of our reach or impossible. “Plan B” is aka: “our escape hatch”.

“B” my friends, is for backup. At those times when we’re hanging on by a thread; when life is a struggle or careers are temporarily flat lining, we go for “B”. Why? "B" is our safety net.

What are Soul Contracts? They’re beliefs and agreements we’ve made with ourselves both consciously and unconsciously. Times that we’re sorting and sifting, when events in life seem “iffy” at best.  Ask yourself: What contracts or agreements have I made that are allowing me to shift focus and energy away from “Plan A”?

              Believe me, I’ve asked myself that same question.                       

Shift focus + recalibrate. Aim for what you soulfully, 100% want:        

“Plan A” = Authenticity, Aspiration, Adoration.

Metaphorically kick “Plan B” to the curb.

Aim for “Plan A”. Work where the least amount of effort will have the greatest affect. This theory is golden. It’s time well spent when we’re doing what we love + right where we should be.