What do you want to be when you grow up?


 A message of hope: for you late bloomers.

I’ve had a high school student ask me, “How do I explain to my parents, that I want to be a dancer, when they want me to be a doctor?” Why on earth do we talk ourselves or the people we love, out of doing what it is they’re meant to do?

Life as a gift, offers you the option to quest for your “higher self”.  You should be unapologetically relentless in your pursuit, without convoluting the idea of who you think you are, or what you should be doing. External influence plays a monumental role in self-deprecating; the way we limit our aspirations or measure our sites based on what everyone else is doing, as though all the answers are outside of us. Need for permission from someone or something rather than owning our gut instinct, is a dishonoring of our capabilities and the desire for more that nourishes us.   

Our “smaller self” is inundated with the day in day out, trivial stuff that long term, is of no consequence. It’s how we’re wired. Better to go the easy route, guaranteeing we won’t fail.  God forbid we venture outside the lines and play it too risky. The fear factor of being too blazing, or too amazing, scares the hell out of people. That light bulb moment will happen toward the last third of our life…if we’re conscious, it’s our queue to break out.

Learning to trust our first instinct is a gift and a skill. By quieting thoughts and listening to your heart, your capabilities are limitless. This is the mechanism by which dreams come to fruition ~ your inner wisdom, will never steer you wrong.

Build a matrix that cradles your growth.         

Live Multi-Dimensionally + Spherically.

right now: You have permission to be your most resilient, vulnerable, most powerful and courageous self. To live a life of abundance full of love, laughter and success on your terms whatever that may be in whatever way, shape or form you see fit. You are in the driver’s seat. The trick is to never, ever look back.