Soulful offerings + other Truisms


Loving testaments, dedicated to you {my soul-drenched friends}.

“Deep involvement is the key to any relationship.” Mary Abi Nader, Creative Consultant.

What if?  things you thought you knew to be true, were untruths. 

What if?  self-banter you claimed as yours was unknowingly, non-consensual stifling your ascension. False beliefs, often times, are bestowed upon us through intrinsic inheritance. Sometimes even passed down generationally. The negative fodder we willingly or consciously succumb to, was never ours to acquire. What do you believe? What's your emotionally and spiritually inequitable story? That “stuff” seeps into all areas of our daily existence.

Take ownership, self proclaim. Deem yourself worthy, surrender to your power… create unchallenged, holistic attachments by lifting the veil that obscures your vision.

How do you want to feel? Exuberant, Lavish, Soul-drenched? Pivot your story. Love trumps all; Love requires a deep commitment, a relationship of personal involvement. You are your most treasured commodity.

Make the radical, habitual choice; turn your love inward.

Be the Love of Your Life. The very essence of what you radiate will magnetically draw and cultivate all goodness to life. It’s undeniably what you’re worthy of and the very reason for your existence. It's waiting to lay claim.