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Soul, Enlightenment + the Sacredness of Sleep.


“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die.  And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The Soul is a star.  It can live harmoniously with balance and nurturance. It strives for equilibrium on the physical, mental/intellectual, spiritual and emotional level to perform in its most optimum expression.

Sleep encourages healing of not only our physical bodies, but our soul’s wounded parts. Dreamtime or lucid dreaming awakens the story within us that helps to promote growth on all levels, thus enriching our personal journey. Sleep is a sanctimonious tool that resets and repairs us. When we’re in relentless pursuit of time-honoring ourselves, we can do so through a good night’s sleep.

Conscious feelings are what make us human. We can sit still and deep with our emotional parts that require repair through sleep and meditation. Sleep is a medicinal and therapeutic vehicle that encourages healing.  Through sleep, we can renegotiate which no longer serves; seek growth in a new direction, part ways with what’s no longer working and receive inspirational messaging. When we are in alignment, we create firm boundaries for ourselves and are able to live in brilliant symmetry.  

Sleep, rest (napping) and meditation allow us the ability to effectively problem solve, while offering a host of life sustaining benefits.

"If you love your body with sleep, it will love you back."  

Understanding the four stages of sleep and the three minds: 

We have four stages of sleep, all critical to our wellness. We are blend of three minds that are greatly affected by our sleep patterns. They are: the conscious mind or the middle mind, the subconscious mind or the lower mind and the super-conscious mind or the higher mind - which connects us to our infinite Divine potential.

What a balanced night of sleep looks like:

Stage one: Or pre-sleep is10% of the night. The senses feel somewhere between awake and asleep. This stage can be achieved in yoga nidra – yoga sleep or lucid dreaming. It is known as the theta state in hypnotherapy. This state is aligned with the subconscious mind, where 90% of our emotions, habits, self-preservation, long term and permanent memory reside. So there, it’s understandable that it’s in this state, that great permanent change and healing can take place if properly facilitated through hypnotherapy.  

Stage two: Consists of 50% of our sleep night, it is not too deep or too light. Throughout this stage, heart rate and blood pressure slows down to a restful state, while your body temperature drops.

Stage three: 20% of the night, this is our deepest sleep. We spend the majority of stage three at the beginning of the night. This is our most restorative sleep, where brain waves and breathing slows, blood flow moves to muscles, tissue is repaired and hormones are secreted. This stage allows us to feel our most rested and energetic the next day.

REM sleep: 20% of our sleep. We spend the majority of our REM sleep or “dreaming sleep” at the end of the night. This is also where we have our most vivid dreams.  

The conscious mind aka the “thinking mind,” holds 10 percent of our personal power. It has the ability to rationalize, invoke willpower, analyze and hold temporary memory.   We spend so much of our time in conscious thought, often times thought that does not serve our well-being: does it really best serve us energetically and holistically?  

Approaching our sleep with conscious reverence is to know the impact it makes on our body, mind, Spirit, and heart connection.  This may motivate us to further realize our individual and collective potential for possibility.  

"Sleep is the impetus for and gateway to creative enlightenment."


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the mystery of the sacred feminine: a time to put it all out there.


“We’re not on a journey to save the world but to save ourselves. But in doing that you save the world. The influence of a vital person vitalizes.”  ~ Joseph Campbell

For far too long we as women have tried in spite of ourselves, to find a place of inhabitable balance. We’ve teetered between masculine extraversion and then tight-roped our way back to the safe and sacred feminine. It’s time to move boldly forward, to cultivate a deeper relationship within ourselves; to honor our utmost yearnings so that we may be better equipped to create the outward spiral of change that is so dire for our world.  

What will you cultivate?  Will you use your skill set to usher in change?

Are you willing to be a vehicle for change? For many years masculine linear thinking has served us well, but nothing linear lasts forever. At best, it’s afforded us the comforts of modern civilization and at times held us blindly in a perpetual fog.

Healing feminine energy inhabits us all…..even our men have that capacity.

Women have lived in a space of unrealized potential for far too long. What if we consciously realized our capacity for self-love, self-individuation - the personal power derived from relentless self-care?

Having the confidence and belief enough to express our oneness, enables what’s intended for us all.

* What sacred obligation do you have safely tucked away?

* What do you have unwavering faith in?

* What are you quietly devoted to?

“Love activates higher consciousness: something much more expansive to our human existence.”

The sacred feminine inherently wants to be brave, deep and bold. To love ourselves without judgment is to hold ourselves and others with reverence: that is our truest form of expression.

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Dispelling vulnerability + why I love Dr. Brene Brown.


This week’s mantra: "I will surrender to fear and let go."

“Vulnerability is the road to transformation.”

I recently attended the Chase Jarvis Live Show, his guest was Brene Brown. The conversation centered on her research on the subject of vulnerability - the concept of what it means to be both brave and afraid. What can that produce?

Those of us, leading creative lives who are “putting it out there”, know first-hand of that simultaneous feeling of being brave and afraid. For me, if I’m not feeling a healthy sense of nerves or excitement, I know I’m simply going through the motions - in a realm that’s inauthentic. That nervous buzz serves as my trusted guide to help me avoid added filler in my life.

Brene Brown has a transparency that’s refreshingly infectious. She’s an educator/researcher, who majored in the study of social work, turned speaker-gone-viral on TED Talks. She has authored (including self-published) a book on the topic of shame, designed workshops and conducted corporate talks on the subjects of vulnerability, fear and human connection. Brene has been featured and interviewed on Oprah.

Fear for growth’s sake is sustenance, healthy vulnerability - a liberator. 

Pushing through insurmountable fear, going beyond our comfort zone and coming out the other side, is where growth is immeasurable – it makes way for unexpected space clearing and self expansion.

Is there an area in your life where space can be created for you, if so, where is it hiding?

Encapsulating her words: The courage to be vulnerable transforms how we express ourselves in all areas of life.

“Vulnerability is having the guts to show up and be seen with no prediction of’s being brave and afraid at the same time.” Her perspective on vulnerability is this; “If you’re not in the arena getting your ass kicked on a regular basis, I am not open to or interested in your feedback. If you’re in the cheap seats, not contributing and not putting yourself out there, your opinion has little to no value.”  

As an artist and creative trying to generate new work, life in the “cheap seats” is unquestionably safe. It’s easy to be the critique in the corner, who speaks of how “it” could’ve been better, or how “they” would have done it. Truth is – it’s that critique’s burning desire to be "out there."

She goes on to say, “When we’re defined by what people think we lose the courage to create. When we stop caring, we lose the capacity for connection.”

A true and powerful statement. It’s your imperative to shine a light and express what you came to this life with; so go do it and take your friend with you. 

Yes love, fear can be an immensely powerful friend indeed. 

The Crossroads to change: A new growth cycle.


It’s happened: April 29th there’s been a solar eclipse

A time for cultivating self-worth and shepherding in dreams.

This momentous time of consciousness is best served re-setting and re-booting ourselves to that place of remembrance; the remembrance of who we are and a commitment to where we’re going. It’s a constructive time of individuation, but not going it alone – by moving forth in collaborative solidarity so as to return to the truest versions of ourselves. This is the opportunity to take pause and reflect upon the path we’ve been living, so to decide if it really was ours in the first place.

Where you are steadfastly, deeply, rooted in your Soul - this is a time to dream big and let go of limitations.

Love, expansion, growth and abundance stands before us, waiting to be ushered in.

Soul’s Purpose Now: Spiritual healing, awakening and advancement. Ending of the old that no longer serves, birthing of the new.  It’s a death/birth event in a literal and metaphoric sense.

- What area in your life invites cultivation and new growth? 

The Trappist monk Thomas Merton once described love as “the only revolutionary force capable of producing anything new.” “The heart knows your truth, it will not steer you wrong. At times of such revolutionary spirit, love is a vital ally, for if we cannot soften our ego edges to allow a radically new perspective or to embrace the demons within ourselves and others, nothing really changes. All we do is re-create from the same old ingredients, believing ourselves to be formed anew.”

This time of endings and new beginnings is potent, as it offers us a distillation process that we may not have chosen for ourselves. It can be unbearably painful, confusing and frightening – yes, change can be scary, but it can produce positive results as well. Welcome it. Reflect on the past with resonance and honor, it has helped shape who you are. You are ready - it’s the pattern of rigidity that’s toughest to shed. Watch your dreams unfold and take shape with a dose of hard work, infused with your unique skill set.

Journal the following questions:

- Where in your life is growth a possibility?

- What is your approach to hard work in life?

- What areas of life do you value most?

- What‘s the mission/vision statement for your life, based on who you are right now?

- In your private thoughts what do you stand for on a Soul level?

- If you could influence great change for humanity, what would that look like?

- Define an area in your life where the contrast is too vast and the incongruence is not in keeping with your innate desire.  

Remembrance of who you are is something to commit to and keep striving for.

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A life in communion.


As of late, the intensity of the universe is most definitely loosening things up so that our “trance state” will lift and the residual sludge will clear. What’s so fascinating is that we are all “wired” differently, but tapped into the same power source. I love watching how that’s all expressed so differently in a humanistic way. Some folks are so dialed in with their fingers on the pulse, while others choose to live less consciously - there is no judgment in that, it just is. 

"Choose" is the operative word.

It starts with a mind/heart shift or a shape-shifting to increase fluidity on our quest for balance; surrendering to a place where we lack control and are encouraged to let go of rigidity. What we’ve wished and longed for on an unconscious level for some time is right within reach. This is a time to move courageously forward – a time for fresh starts. No longer does it serve us to rehash the same old stuff. It takes nothing less than making wise, conscious choices and the willingness to be vulnerable.

The time is now: Show up, take center stage of your life; by not doing so there is the potential to become calcified.

Transcendence beyond our day to day responsibilities requires us to reach for the potential of creating and expressing more of our natural gifts; gifts that have the potency and frequency to change humanity and ourselves. 

Knowing your currency is expressed through a blend of congruent thought and action.

Walking into the space of abundance, is not about taking inventory of what we have too much of, nor the lack of what we don’t have; it’s about getting clear about our gifts and what we choose to move forward  with in a heartfelt way. Through bold action and assurance that the heart and mind are in complete and utter alliance, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish or triumph over: N-O-T-H-I-N-G.  Life, Liberation and Individuation - the apex of who we are will activate heaven on earth.

There is no destination on this path other than the path itself. Let this year unfold through organic manifestation – settle into that concept and see what’s presented, what can be birthed without relying on a contingency plan.  

Live in union with your Soul.

Exercising your right to free will.


Owning our capacity for heart-centered expression.

 “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Understanding the right of self-autonomy and personal sovereignty is to fully live life and create without self-judgment in a way that honors the soul.  

Self-judgment is an undermining culprit - it robs us of our Spirit and power. Communicating with self-deprecating talk and thought or calling out our perceived individual flaws/weaknesses is like self-prescribed poison - it’s toxic. We are created in Divine image. There is no room for underscoring our worth.

Passion, Movement, Expression; you in equilibrium, is being “in union” with self. Every intrinsic deeply held, believed-to-be flaw; let it pass and flush it. It’s of no service or use to you, never has been, never will be.

From revelation to transformation: Free will is a free ride, it takes the struggle out of non-discretionary action. Harness the “I am” let it be your strength without constraint – take personal ownership for your success in a way that is expressed boldly, bravely, courageously and fearlessly you.

Change yourself, change the world.

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Choose a revolutionary life!


“Half my life is an act of revision.” John Irving

When I coach clients and do healing work, admittedly, it can be self-serving. As one person, my goal is to build an army of lightworkers. My wish is to coach individuals who’ll use their gifts for the highest good; by creating positive movement and momentum to expeditiously serve humanity in a way that works on behalf of “the collective.”

So I say: If you feel you’re in a place of flux please know it is temporary. YOU CAN invoke revolutionary change for yourself, but it takes work.

It’s not about reinvention it’s about creating the next act based on what’s worked and where you have the greatest sense of longing. Think reform and revise, rather than altogether ditching concepts that you feel you’ve outgrown. No need to dismantle and start from scratch.  

Transcend by re-visioning your life. At times it’s about baby steps. Make self-care and self-love the first priority on the road to revolution.   

If evolution is a whisper, revolution is a scream.

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a magical event: save the date!


Dear Friends,

I’m so excited to make a special announcement. On April 12th, 2013 at East West Bookshop, 3:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m., I’ll be conducting a workshop: The Art of Self-Healing and Sacred Connection along with longtime friend, native ceremonial leader and fellow healer, Chenoa Egawa.

Chenoa and I share so much passion for the healing work that we do.  Healing ourselves is the intrinsic component of our journey that facilitates connectivity to all life and to the Divine (Spirit). Only then may our Soul’s be fully expressed in this lifetime.  

There will be conversations about the relevance of indigenous wisdom as it relates to modern times; the wisdom that connects our past, to our present and future. We will discuss the adoption of these practices for deep healing and reconciliation on behalf of our ancestors, self and our descendants.  

We would love you to join in the magic April 12th.

Events this week:

Friday, 12:30pm - 1:00pm - I’ll be a returning guest on the Susan Harmon Hour. Hear it live or archived, here.

Saturday, 12-5pm - join me at East West Bookshop for intuitive readings, 12-5 p.m. More info. here.

Re-Engineering the Mind/Body Map to Activate Healing


“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” ~ Joseph Campbell 

Promoting healing and wellness is the first step to a life of joy on the road to personal fulfillment. There’s a level of discomfort and excitement when we’re being nudged by the universe but more often than not, we lose steam and revert to the familiar- as painful as it can be.  

The world is waiting for what you have to offer; does this idea alone motivate you? If not, what will it take to move you into the role of personal activist to create the shapeshifting that's required for change?

By creating intention through the potential for possibility – to plant that seed, may in itself support the motivation for healing and releasing pain. Metaphysical energetic healing (like Spiritual Energy Dynamics®) is a modality that allows access to recreation and clearing – allowing us to tap into mind, body and spirit. In addition, it activates clarity and connection to foster the transformation we so desire.

There is only one you that will never be recreated by anyone else ever again.

This, is it.

For those of us that reside in emotional and spiritual exile; know that you have the freedom to co-create a fresh start. That decision alone must be made consciously, whole-heartedly and be honored on every level.  

“That you are here -that life exists, and identity;
That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.”
 ~ Walt Whitman - Leaves of Grass

What will be your verse?

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Wayfinding 101: It’s in the stars.


“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” ~ Eden Phillpots

The Latin word for "cor" means heart.  

In the Western culture we refer to our "core" as our center, or our strength as it relates to our abdomen and how it supports all parts of our bodies.  This is something to think about; to get to the root of any matter by way of our "cor” may better well serve us by relating our "core" to our heart.

Life is about learning to navigate your heart, your mind, your self-worth - as it interrelates to your whole being, with as much spiritual intellect that you can draw from and hold space for. Specifically identify what makes you feel centered and grounded. It’s time to adapt new ways of seeing yourself, by integrating new modalities and thought patterns that enable you to shift, so to accelerate healing and wholeness.

“Like a garden, what we don’t tend to becomes overrun.”

Navigation is something my ancestors mastered through their travels to what is now the Hawaiian Islands. They were able to navigate by nothing more than the stars to guide them over a vast sea. With that, they gained the confidence of true knowing; it was the pulse of faith in the divine that guided them.  

In this modern age do we have what it takes to recreate this mindset?

I say absolutely!

This time of enlightenment is through personal growth, adaption to truth and spiritual progress.  Let it rise and elevate you to the consciousness of knowing.

The thoughts we process imprint on our psyche: Choose them wisely; they will inevitably become part of your fiber, your being and so much more. Thoughts take precedence over actions, treat them with respect.

Expand vs. Evolve: What do you wish for, what are you clear about, what needs release? Push in the direction of your truth, leaving insecurity and security (at times) behind by staying flexible; embrace what organically transpires.

This is a “big picture” time, one that’s for the greater good both for self and society – think long term vision, plan and pull-through. This is not about recreating you or your offerings, it’s about birthing what has always been there, whether you’ve recognized it or not. Learn to draw from your intuitive awareness; let it rise within you as a reminder to stay in a positive, conscious state.

The conscious only knows to revert to the past. With that said, the subconscious is the only place where change can be made.

“Learn to value heart over mind. Recalibrate self through meditation or prayer.”

This year is about trusting your inherent guidance system.  Trust that involves neutrality, faith and repetition – day to day, minute to minute. Change your outlook on impermanence by welcoming every experience as a life unto itself and by avoiding preoccupation with challenges to the exclusion of all else. By doing so, we will produce a life of reverence and humility that serves each of us.

“Neutrality is a life raft.”

Remember: You are the one we’ve been waiting for.

Watch this TEdxWomen 2012 with my cousin, National Geographic Explorer and cultural anthropologist, Dr. Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey.



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