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Project You: Be your most whole.                

transformative sessions + energy healing: Offering Intuitive Coaching/Transformative "think tank" sessions.  We'll talk business strategies, career changes, relationship overhauls, an overall wellness plan, your destiny, your calling.    


Soul Life Session: 120 minutes $245 For first time or current clients. I integrate this offering with a combination of my intuitive abilities, your natal chart and the Tarot - (when appropriate). You'll leave with a practical, actionable coaching plan and a clear understanding of your destiny + path. *Includes a follow-up email recap and recource list if needed. The results are life changing!

Customized Coaching Session: 30 min: $75. by phone or skype only / 60 minutes: $140.  I'll customize, based on your needs, a motivational and inspiring session that will propel you forward with clarity + vision. 

Couples Coaching Therapy: 60 min: $165. 

Coaching + Healing: 90 minute session. $185. (60 minutes of customized coaching + 30 minutes of energetic healing) - WOW! Perfect for fine tuning your path, uncovering "next steps." End with an energetic clearing, healing + balancing session that will create flow!

Energy Healing: Intuitive Holistic + Integrative Wellness Therapy: Offered stand-alone or in conjunction with my coaching services, to help you move forward to reach your goals. 

*These services are beneficial for and not limited to: Improved emotional well-being, relief from emotional/physical/spiritual trauma, greater mentaclarity, ease from seasonal dis-ease, increased equilibrium of the energetic system, release of physical discomfort - accelerate healing  due to injury or illness, deeper emotional grounding, highly complimentary to therapy, menopause, infertility treatments....and more.

Reiki Energy Therapy: Meaning “spiritual wisdom and universal energy”.  An ancient Japanese healing modality that allows me to gently move subtle energy through the body to release disruptive or stagnant blockages. Ideal for re-balancing chakras, overall heath and well-being. Benefit: Gain greater mental clarity, spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. 60 min. $140. Available for in-person or distance healing + also as an add-on service - 15 min. $25. or 30 min. $40.

Spiritual Energy Dynamics®: A transformative, metaphysical energy clearing, monitoring and harmonizing healing process. Offered in-person or through distance healing. Single session $140., 1 week $210. or 2 week intensive plan $295. Benefit: Accelerates wellness, increases protections, releases negative emotions, balances the energetic system and clears spiritual impurities. Allows for overall symmetry, expanded intuitive resonance and increased inward clarity. *1 week and 2 week intensive is a remote offering - both include one 20 min. coaching session by phone per week.    

New Offering: S.E.D. Remote Property + Land Clearing: Our earth is filled with geopathic zones that create disease and imbalance. They impact our lives and affect nature in a profound way; these contaminants create congestion that impact us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Benefit: I identify geopathic locations both inside your property, the surrounding land and within a five block radius. As a conduit and facilitator, I monitor the clearing of your property for up to one week, to ensure that it's restored to wellness. $195. per location. 90 min. On-Site Location Session - $295. per location - (add'l. fee for travel time may apply).                                                                                                                                                                                               

*Contact me for more information or to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation. I can customize any service based on your individual needs.  All services are available in person, by phone or skype unless otherwise stated. 


: Intuitive readings + Energy healing.

: Coaching Sessions : by phone, email, skype or in person.            

: Public Speaking + Community Events

: Motivational + Transformative Workshops

: Corporate Events + Diversity Seminars


Gift Certificates for all services and any occasion now available!

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there is career...and then there's calling.

Become more of who you are. Find that sweet spot, where you morph from good to extraordinary. Digging deep takes courage + healthy risk: the willingness to travel outside your comfort zone, to uncharted territory, a destination you’ve only imagined in your mind’s eye; a place where you shine with pride, strength, brilliance and inspiration.

Entrepreneurs + Business Leaders: Learn to identify, summon + leverage opportunity with laser sharp focus, because timing is everything… you’ll do what you love.

Self-Image + Self-Esteem: Get clear and unload your “baggage”. Break down barriers that block your inward vision. Learn to love the real you, stifle your inner critique; establish an innate price tag on your value and worth.

Re-establish a solid relationship with yourself and those around you: As you peel back the layers, you’ll attract what you align with; { your true core + authentic self } and have a whole lot more of you, to offer up.

Learn to trust your first thought, your “gut” instinct. Brilliant quote by author Natalie Goldberg: First thoughts have tremendous energy. The internal censor usually squelches them, so we live in the realm of second and third thoughts, thoughts on thoughts, twice and three times removed from the direct connection of the first fresh flash.”

The game plan: Offering a mélange of integrative modalities + the gift of grounded, practical intuition, designed to coax your creativity and help actualize your bigger picture, no matter your age.

Unearth your higher selfProject: You. Radical. Soulful. Lovely.       



how can I help YOU?

I have the intuitive ability to connect with and to really see people. Through my passion for uncovering and inspiring brilliance that is inherently yours, you will create opportunity in life that stays true and in keeping with who you are, allowing you to show up in your most authentic and empowered form. Through coaching that is collaborative and customized, I will support you in taking steps that will transform your life beyond the obvious and status quo; while relinquishing limiting beliefs + discovering your soul's true path :: KNOW YOUR WORTH.

who will benefit from Empowerment Coaching?

ANYONE.  If you are looking to enhance an area of your life whether it's entrepreneurial coaching, business : career + income development, strengthening interpersonal skills + relationshipsimproving self image, exploring your passion + purpose or simply discovering how to create more joy day to day :: we will cultivate what lies dormant and supply you with new tools that enable you to apply creative strategies to elevate and liberate your personal and professional life :: the result: a shift in perspective, release of limiting thoughts and an increase of overall fulfillment :: PURE PURPOSE + PURE POTENTIAL.

what is the difference between coaching and therapy?

While coaching can augment therapy, the two are very different. In many cases, therapy deals with past and current issues. My coaching strategy focuses on healing the past, evaluating present life circumstances, identifying obstacles, uncovering your true passions through self discovery and developing solutions with a clear pathforward :: YOUR FUTURE IS BRIGHT.

what are the benefits of Empowerment Coaching?

Our team approach will ensure that you think bigger for yourself and allow you to see + create new opportunities that may have otherwise been missed. You will process more artistically, be more resourceful in pursuing and achieving your goals. You'll learn to identify your inherent gifts + prioritize through more of a "big picture" lens, while allowing for increased confidence to live your life's blueprint :: REFRAME YOUR THOUGHTS + MINDSET.

:: WHY TARA?  It's Transformational Coaching From The Inside Out

My coaching style + process is thoughtful, honest and no-nonsense. Our sessions will be focused, interactive + fun.  

How about some Radical Soul Love? You will leave with a new found sense of your best present and future self! 

Let's get started!   Contact me: or click here.


                                           What People Are Saying:

"Tara is a gifted motivational coach who cares deeply about helping clients achieve their goals."

"Tara has a wonderful way of finding the best in people and then helping them find the best in themselves. She has a contagious passion for her work and wants her clients to thrive not only in their careers, but their lives. She is highly intuitive and manages to tap into passions and talents we may not have uncovered ourselves. She is wonderful to work with, easygoing, fun-loving, and a truly caring person. "

"Tara is a highly capable professional who delivers excellence. She cares about exceeding the needs of her clients."

"I thought I had everything figured out until I heard Tara speak. Without hearing Tara speak that day, maybe I would have chosen the path I was headed down originally. I'm happy I did hear her because now I can start on the path to success knowing that my heart is in it."




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