Thanksgiving ~ a poem.



Gorged with thanks
nourished by gratefulness
heart ~ bountiful, brimming, overflowing
a precipice of soaring blessedness
day surrenders to night’s dark
enveloping tranquility
lonesome is a stranger
swollen, adorned
graceful imperfection
conceived by morning’s bloom.

Your life : 24/7 : Your dream. Your moment.


Do you ever wish

You were one of “those people” who moved 

through life with no spark, no passion for 

more, blindly navigating, no pulse ….. absolutely flatline. 

Life would almost be easier, wouldn’t it?

But that’s not you.

Life would be simpler. You

wouldn’t wonder and 

angst over what could be.

But you desire more for yourself; for your life. 

You are one of the lucky ones. 

But lately life has felt a little bit cluttered,

as if there’s no room for you.

There is something more for you and it’s within reach: A hobby turned business, a life of wellness, spiritual growth, a zest for life.

A BIG life filled with passion, pride + peace.

You have the drive, you dream big - you just don’t know how to make it happen. 

   Let me show you how.

Top to bottom, inside and out - it’s your time to shine; to do what you’re called to do. 

Your life: 24/7: Your dream. Your moment.

Give or receive the gift of coaching: 206-851-9627 or for a free consultation. 

  We’ll make this happen.

Finding your voice: What we can learn from Joe Biden


Dear President Obama, 

You did it! This race was tight - projected to be a real close one, up until election night. This is important, so please listen carefully: I’m writing to ask that you find your voice; metaphorically speaking that is.  

Personally, I think there’s much you can learn from Vice President Joe Biden. I’m certain there are times he’s opened his mouth and you’ve prayed he’d wind up with a bad case of laryngitis. The fact that he lacks a filter is blatant; but there’s something refreshingly raw and downright adorable about “Amtrak Joe”.... he likes to have fun.

He doesn’t care what you think because he knows who he is and what he stands for, a quality that comes with age and experience.

Like so many Americans who voted for you in your first term…. you had me at “hope” and then at “change”.  I have a request; I would love to hear your true voice. Not the charming guy who can roll out some amazing manifestos of encouragment with a disarming smile or the one who always chooses his words v-e-r-y carefully. I want the guy who broke into impromptu song with Al Green’s “Let’s stay together”.  Bill Clinton wrote the book on it. Did it serve him? Who cares? Live a little - you've got a big job ahead.

Learn to use your uncensored voice that doesn’t stop when you know in your heart that the truth should be declared at any time. Take it from Joe, it can be quite liberating. Say what you mean to say, in a way that serves you.


Four more years, to make the biggest impact no president has ever made at a time when our country needs it most. 

Four more years to inspire generations to come, in a way no president ever has. So go do what you say you’re going to do: go finish what you’ve started.

Mr. President, you’ve got this – please exercise your right to use it. We've got your back..... and so does Joe.

The courage to be who you are: The art of being alive.


“Don’t ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.
Because what the world needs is
people who have come alive.”
~ Howard Thurman

Who am I? 

It’s a question we ask ourselves repeatedly throughout our life, while plodding along and good is just not, good enough anymore.

Doing what we’re good at, enables us to lay claim to inherent abilities that don’t necessarily guarantee sustained happiness or long term contentment.

Our actions can be driven by patterns we’re conditioned to. A “go to” place that evokes safety and comfort; behavior we’ve repeated habitually in many lifetimes.  

Creating financial security and the manner in which we do so, is a mechanism of survival.  Survival is a necessity – as humans we are survivalists. If we were mindfully able to actualize the way in which we receive and perceive what our true passion is by realizing our destiny as it was meant to be what would that look like? 

The answer, success on all levels. The Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental.

To favor a relentless unapologetic commitment to joy and happiness aka: (our soul’s purpose), is the mechanism in which we allow faith to supersede  allowing us to receive exactly what this life holds for us - changing our trajectory and mindset from the unknown and undeserving to worthy, forever

Be clear: Habitual changes and shift of mindset do not happen overnight. The key is uncompromising belief and faith in regard to how you wish to live your life. There comes a time when it best serves us to step away from ourselves by learning to trust instinct and let faith be the driver that transports us to our soul level:  24/7: This is your life.

So what can you do? Start here.

Change that sticks is slow, deliberate and incremental. Learn to settle into its timing, be present + go with the flow. Take at least one actionable step every day.  After one week, one month or one year, you will see measureable outcome toward what it is you desire; be it career, relationships or wellness.

Create your own personal declaration: say it, think it, live it, every day. 

Step off the grid of unhealthy behavior: Break ties with habits that no longer serve you – this includes taking a personal inventory of people in your life and how they impact you.

Live a life void of ego. If you live, work, think, are in a place or space where ego and control resides, the result will be spiritual suffocation. 

Self imposed procrastination can be your friend - call it an intuitive “time out”.  If that voice inside tells you to step back, listen.  Know the universe will support this.

Embrace your abundance of affluence, grace and grit. Be a courageous, bold pioneer; open up space not only for yourself, but for others. 

Be who you are; not the peripheral or what you think your societal role is. Break ties with the external by connecting inward to your heart; where your truth is sheltered.

Be a warrior, be transparent and know what it’s like to feel raw and alive.  

Choose a life that you’ll cherish, live in a way that allows you to shine. 

Intentional Offering: The pursuit of giving.


(details below)

Giving in its purest form is a gift - there is receiving in giving.

Offering gifts of time, space, knowledge, wisdom, even monetary resources aka: “fat checks” – can be a good thing.

Devotional giving is pure in form; it’s what you believe to be for the highest good.  It’s personal, can be slightly introverted and organic; like an offering in silent meditation, a blessing before a meal or a special gift that represents a sentiment for someone that’s resonant or deeply personal. 

Actionable giving is also good, so long as the gift is offered from a holistic place – void of want, need, accolades or desire. This could be volunteering your time, gifting personal items or monetary donation. 

Giving keeps us spiritually active and keeps the heart pliable, it binds us.

A truism: Sometimes giving is conditional. The idea is to be clear as to why you give what you’re giving and what it is you hope to gain: clarify intention, so it sits right with you.

Give habitually and with heart, with purpose, commitment and presence.

*For as long as I can remember I’ve had amazing luck finding pennies.  Many years ago, I started a personal project that goes like this: when I find a penny, I then make a wish and immediately send it back out into the world for someone else’s good fortune as a devotional offering. Give it a try - The Penny Project.

21 days of stand-alone bliss: A chronic happiness immersion.


Your happiness project: Q + A moment.

* Do you know what it feels like to be in union with yourself, to experience the feeling of innate joy and to be enveloped in wholeness? 

* To move through the world in joyful solidarity: Would it be enough?

 Does your joy rely on attachment to people, objects and outcomes - situations outside of yourself; could you be stand-alone happy or would it turn life upside down?

Spiritual untethering is to sync joy + happiness and know true, authentic solo bliss – a simple oneness with self.

* Complete this sentence (this list can be as long as you see fit): The perfect day, activity or moment for me, doing exactly what I love to do is __________. 

Stand-alone happiness = life symmetry; a matrix of bliss.

Be bold. For the next 21 days live resonantly + blissfully solo.  Immerse yourself in your daily happiness.   

Be clear. This is for you. "Follow your bliss." ~ Joseph Cambell

Dream big. Take action. "Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth." ~ Rumi

21 days: Do one thing that makes you over-the-moon-completely happy... everyday

: Take a walk, a nap, write a book, study, journal, hobby, dine, dance, do nothing, explore, travel, breath, love… color outside the lines of your everyday life.

Honor your core self; inspire others to live in kind – Start your own happiness project!

Go to Facebook + Twitter and leave your comments – What are you doing to be stand-alone happy?

Re-birth + Renewal: The courage to get it right


“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind” ~ C.S. Lewis

Regret is a waste of time. Yet, for me personally, if allowed one “do-over” it would be some of the parental choices I made specifically - mothering my son through the lens of my upbringing. The “giving” based on what I did or didn’t get, was clearly a one size fits all approach to parenting. My epiphany was sent special delivery last weekend while my son Shane was visiting home from college. Through 19 ½ years of being “Shane’s mom”, I’ve learned more about myself than any other life experience. 

By modeling through action what I want for my son - I’ve learned to want more for myself, to be more of myself.  

Each day gives us opportunity for renewal; to allow room in our lives to get it right, to start fresh.  

They say in life there are no do-over’s - that this is our final act. Last weekend I took my chance to get it right and grabbed it with both hands. It was my moment to speak with love and care, to take a top-down approach by way of his mind and heart. I said the things I’ve never said, in a way I know they’d be lovingly received; while gently and metaphorically cutting cords. 

To willingly and authentically shed layer upon layer, by moving forward and emerging as a whole woman in a way that honors who I am; I’m allowing him to be the man he’s meant to become.

apathy , the upside of intention + author Star Roberts


“Intention is what creates {our} reality” ~ Deepak Chopra

What do you want, what do you wantwhat-do-you-want?

For yourself, for family, our nation and this pending November election?

There’s a downside to apathy: lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern aka: “sorry… not my problem” (or) “I’m just too busy”.

Apathy is ignorance void of intention when it impacts us on a humanistic level. 

I’m actually in favor of healthy detachment but at a point - there’s no space for apathy. It’s delusional to think that someone else can carry our slack on issues that affect us as “a collective”.  

Strike apathy from your repertoire. 

If reality is a state of being, intention gives us the fuel to move forward; cause to assert ourselves, the aptitude for survival and capacity to thrive.  

This November be of service; make “the vote” your intention.  Vote for someone, some cause, some-thing more relevant than yourself that best serves us all - collectively.   

Make a difference: Vote. 

Soak in a timely piece written with intention by memoir writer + sister / friend Star Roberts.  Star co-authored - We came back to say: an Anthology of Memoir


Read this story of hope … 


                                                 Bobby & Barack by Star Roberts

The only letter I‘ve ever written to a well known person was in June of 1968 to Ethel Kennedy. It was right after her husband Bobby was shot in the kitchen at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. I was 13 years old and grieving the future of our country. 

A week earlier, my mom, sisters and cousin Pam and I all piled into our Ford Wagon Master in Tacoma, Washington. We were headed seven hours down I-5 to Roseburg, Oregon to see and hear Bobby Kennedy speak on the steps of the Douglas County Courthouse to a crowd of around 1500 people. It was my first encounter with a politician up close. I don’t remember the exact words of his speech, but I so vividly remember the goose bumps it left on my arms. He was charismatic, passionate, and inspiring. He was his brother, but better.  It was the first time I felt like I was part of something bigger than myself and it felt amazing.

After the rally, we held up our campaign posters that said KENNEDY in big bold capitol letters and took each others pictures. In one picture my eyes are barely peaking over the large poster and beside me, my cousin Pam has a big smile on her face. Her bouffant hair-do is a testament to the times and the magic properties of a good teasing comb and a can of Aquanet. 

We rode back up the freeway the next day full of hope, Orange Fanta and possibilities. In the long, dark tunnel of bad news, delivered nightly via Walter Chronkite and the CBS Evening news —in the form of body counts, tear gas, and race riots—Robert F. Kennedy was our bright spot at the end of it. I became hopeful. I held my breath. And then, unbelievably, a short a week later he was gone.

I didn’t know where to go with my adolescent grief so I took pen to paper and wrote to his widow, Ethel. I had to let her know how her husband had moved me. I had to let her know how sorry I was. I had to let her know how sad I was for her and her kids, for me, and our country. I didn’t expect to get a response. When the letter showed up in my mailbox, a few weeks later with a Massachusetts postmark on creamy white stationary, I was amazed. It was a typed response to my condolence letter, thanking me, and it was hand-signed, by Ethel, and I knew in my 13 year old heart she had really signed it.  My grief found a place to go in that moment and in that place there was comfort.

Great men enter our hearts quietly on a first name basis, whether we’ve met them or not. On that night in November of 2008, when Barack came out on the Chicago stage and gave his acceptance speech, even though I was only watching on TV, I felt the goose bumps all over again, in a way I haven’t since 1968. My goose bumps and I looked over at my 15 year old daughter Riley, and I could see on her face, she knew history being made. I held my breath, sent a silent prayer upwards and chose hope again. Hope for this man who has sparked her political passion and re-ignited mine. Hope for Barack to be kept safe and to burn brightly for a long time to come...

Fast forward four years and here we are again. Same hope. Same worry. Same thought that if we dare to dream the bigger dreams, maybe, just maybe, it will all be worth it. My daughter is now 18, away at college and out of our nest for the first time in her life. I won’t be sitting beside her during the upcoming election night and I know she is buried in her new life so I text her with my pesky parental reminder: don’t forget to register and vote! For now, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and choose hope again. It is what I know how to do.

  • Star Roberts is at work on Hellsgate: Stories from A Northwest Childhood. Her essay “Moving Away” is a PNWA Literary Contest Finalist for 2012.  When not writing, she can be found reading, nesting and mothering in the shadow of the Space Needle. She awaits good news at:

Apology, transparency + the gift of redemption.


“I’m Sorry”. “Forgive me”. “I apologize”. These are statements of value, their meaning: You are important to me. You are significant.

Just recently, I received an “I’m sorry” note from a young woman I worked closely with a few years back. She had hit a few bumps in her personal life and it inadvertently, spilled over into our professional relationship. The note read, “You were a great friend and mentor, I wasn’t in a healthy place, I didn’t see the big picture, I’m afraid it was lost on me….I apologize.”  I was simultaneously blown away and touched. 

Flawed and at times, imperfect - that’s who we are. At moments like these, transparency is beautifulIt’s the place to go.

Qualified statements that are redemption worthy: I screwed up, acted like an ass, was out of line…I’m sorry.

Forgiveness = It’s forgotten, let’s recalibrate and move forward.

The blessing of redemption comes when you view your cup as overflowing and hold your life and the lives of others in the highest regard - an exchange of ego for transformative grace.  

It spiritually elevates us in a way that shows what matters most is what we put “out there”, in the world.

A simple formula to live by: Apology + Forgiveness = Redemption. 

Entrepreneur Life + Mastering Time: A Prelude to Success


Time can be your soul mate or your elusive friend – it’s all about perspective.

The entrepreneur life is not for the faint of heart.  Some days can feel like you’re scraping and crawling to get through. Infuse that with managing life with some semblance of normality: marriage, domestic partnerships, kids, friends, your health…. and so on. 

Managing time is your golden ticket - whether it’s business, your personal life, or both. Its absolutely 100% doable even at times when it feels like the shit is not firing.

My personal credo: Time is on your side when you get clear and are committed to desire, priorities, positive perspective, determination, showing up + pushing through.  

Making time your friend takes careful choreography.

Allow yourself a shift of mindset: Fuse the concept that time wisely chosen is time well spent. 

  • Can you clearly define success on your own terms?
  • What is your motivation? 
  • Understand the “why” i.e.: your goals, your dreams – the stuff you wish for. Know that clarity will lead you to desirable outcomes. 
  • Is procrastination your “go to” place? If so, is fear the driver?
  • Do you participate in activities outside of work that you wholeheartedly enjoy? A quick note; make these a part of your daily calendar – this is the reward for being the C.E.O. of your life and business, it's you who gets to call the shots.

Prioritize your calendar. Let it reflect your personal and business goals – both short term and long term on a daily, weekly + monthly basis. Learn to stay flexible; schedules change, priorities shift - go with the flow.

Here’s a sample schedule of my typical day: 

6:45: wake up – Coffee, read / answer email. Walk Trudy.

7:30: Schedule meetings, send out inquiries via email.

8:00: Write blog, work on coaching ideas.

9:00: Call clients, schedule meetings via phone. Have a mini “think tank” session with a trusted colleague. 

9:15 to 10:00: Hit the gym, or go to yoga (depending on the day).

11:30 to 1:00: Meet with clients.

1:30: Lunch

2:00: Walk Trudy / Fifteen minute meditation.

2:30: Return / Send email correspondence. Make adjustments to weekly / monthly schedule as needed.

3:00: Meet with clients or colleagues

4:30: Return messages as needed. Work on marketing ideas. 

5:00: Write, journal, blog, check email. 

6:00 to 9:00: Dinner / Family + friend time / Walk Trudy.

9:00: Journal and make notes / revise business and coaching ideas.

10:00: Sleep or watch a movie.

* schedule and times are +/-  depending on the day.

There is no magic to this entrepreneurial life.  It takes nothing short of rolling up your sleeves and getting down in the trenches; tenacious ingenuity. The idea is to increase fluidity in your day, allow for flexibility and artful assimilation. This is the key to personal success, the unending balance between work and life.


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