Wayfinding 101: It’s in the stars.


“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” ~ Eden Phillpots

The Latin word for "cor" means heart.  

In the Western culture we refer to our "core" as our center, or our strength as it relates to our abdomen and how it supports all parts of our bodies.  This is something to think about; to get to the root of any matter by way of our "cor” may better well serve us by relating our "core" to our heart.

Life is about learning to navigate your heart, your mind, your self-worth - as it interrelates to your whole being, with as much spiritual intellect that you can draw from and hold space for. Specifically identify what makes you feel centered and grounded. It’s time to adapt new ways of seeing yourself, by integrating new modalities and thought patterns that enable you to shift, so to accelerate healing and wholeness.

“Like a garden, what we don’t tend to becomes overrun.”

Navigation is something my ancestors mastered through their travels to what is now the Hawaiian Islands. They were able to navigate by nothing more than the stars to guide them over a vast sea. With that, they gained the confidence of true knowing; it was the pulse of faith in the divine that guided them.  

In this modern age do we have what it takes to recreate this mindset?

I say absolutely!

This time of enlightenment is through personal growth, adaption to truth and spiritual progress.  Let it rise and elevate you to the consciousness of knowing.

The thoughts we process imprint on our psyche: Choose them wisely; they will inevitably become part of your fiber, your being and so much more. Thoughts take precedence over actions, treat them with respect.

Expand vs. Evolve: What do you wish for, what are you clear about, what needs release? Push in the direction of your truth, leaving insecurity and security (at times) behind by staying flexible; embrace what organically transpires.

This is a “big picture” time, one that’s for the greater good both for self and society – think long term vision, plan and pull-through. This is not about recreating you or your offerings, it’s about birthing what has always been there, whether you’ve recognized it or not. Learn to draw from your intuitive awareness; let it rise within you as a reminder to stay in a positive, conscious state.

The conscious only knows to revert to the past. With that said, the subconscious is the only place where change can be made.

“Learn to value heart over mind. Recalibrate self through meditation or prayer.”

This year is about trusting your inherent guidance system.  Trust that involves neutrality, faith and repetition – day to day, minute to minute. Change your outlook on impermanence by welcoming every experience as a life unto itself and by avoiding preoccupation with challenges to the exclusion of all else. By doing so, we will produce a life of reverence and humility that serves each of us.

“Neutrality is a life raft.”

Remember: You are the one we’ve been waiting for.

Watch this TEdxWomen 2012 with my cousin, National Geographic Explorer and cultural anthropologist, Dr. Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey.


The Heroes Journey + Daring Greatly


  “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat”. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

How you choose to walk through the world requires a process of distillation, the understanding that the mind is the architect of your destiny. When failure is not an option, you can influence the future and have the ability to shape your destiny by achieving most anything even in spite of insurmountable circumstances.

Harness the power to coalesce the mind.

* What do you desire in the short term? Create a six to eighteen month plan – tweak as necessary.

Create moments in life that take your breath away. Find the magic in everyday life. Create momentum by keeping dreams alive. Choose words and thoughts wisely; create an epic journey, design a methodology to pursue what you desire in its purest form.

No longer live under the radar - resolve to rise.  What’s real is that you exist. Expose your heart; let fear dissipate into the ethers. 

When dreams burn bright, radiance abounds. Live sovereign bliss in the here and now; create equilibrium by keeping spiritually calibrated.

Make your way to a space of peace and deep reflection - meditate daily for internal maintenance. 

* The question I ask myself as a motivator and coach: How am I going to get people in a position to want what they want and go for it? To be healed and self-heal as needed, so to accomplish all they claim they want for themselves, in spite of fear or temporary road blocks?

The answer - start here: Take one simple step forward and begin again.                      




W o m e n and W o r t h ::



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No More.

Sexual assault, harassment and domestic violence continue to be as prevelant as it ever was. These crimes afflict women across cultures and from all walks of life. We dance around the subject, bite our tongues and bide our time to the detriment of our victims. Most cases go unreported for fear of repercussion, social ridicule and personal blame. The shame and stigma associated with these crimes further perpetuate the pain by creating isolation, fear, psychological and emotional unraveling. These women live silently praying and wishing away the pain – this simply shouldn’t be the case; this is not how we were meant to live.

This topic is very personal. I was one of those women. In my teens, I experienced physical and verbal abuse at the hands of someone very close to me and then sexual threats and harassment on a summer job. My boss at the time happened to be a woman - I asked for help, she blew me off. At sixteen I became very adept at trying to protect myself: go to work, endure the comments and degrading sexual innuendos, making sure I was never alone. I’d go home crying, tell my boyfriend and he’d respond with “you must have done something to make him think that he could do that.”  Right.  

While I was learning to value myself and find my voice, I didn't realize I had a celestial "posse" supporting me every step of the way - I still wasn't finished learning (at the valuation part), that is.

In my late twenties, I was a victim of sexual assault by my boss (at the time) and dealt with on-going sexual harassment thereafter.  In both cases I felt as though I had no one to turn to, that it was my fault, that no one would believe me and was fearful of losing my job. Predators are very cunning and easily identify victims who appear isolated, lack a strong network and have low self-esteem. Who knows? In retrospect based on who I am today, I may have harnessed the courage to take appropriate action on my own behalf; I'm certain it never would have happened at all – but that’s not who I was. For that, I take personal responsibility, the regret has finally subsided. It took years to come to grips with the inner turmoil, guilt and work to rebuild what had been physically/emotionally/spiritually stripped away.

  We can do so much more. Parents: Protect your babies. Love who you are, they'll do the same.  

 WWWWhat can you do    

If you have someone close to you who’s been a victim, I urge you to open up dialogue or be an active support in any way possible.

Let's teach our sons to be respectful and to be better men, by modeling the best of ourselves.  

As sisters, mothers, wives and daughters: Let’s truly learn to appreciate and to value who we are both inside and out; to hold ourselves in the highest regard and move through life with the confidence of child. 


It’s our job to protect one another.

The NO MORE campaign is bringing greater national attention on how to finally start the conversation over about sexual assault and domestic violence - so it ends for good. We need strong men with a voice who are not afraid to induce the change that’s needed.       

Meditation: Feminine power is here to stay, that’s non-negotiable. This is about restoration, what was meant to be. We as women will no longer tolerate suppression and subjugation of any kind. We have the inherent ability to nurture and bring change to our earth. Change is coming – are you with us?

Learn more here.  

Who is the keeper of your story?


A time for reflection and sharing story.

 “With All Beings And All Things We Shall Be As Relatives”. ~ Sioux Indian

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last posted. In that time, I hope all has been well in your world and that you have a sense of peace and direction.  For me, holiday is a time for personal reflection; a time to journey inward to explore, practice self devotion, review and renew plans by examining what’s worked, what hasn’t - more importantly, delving into how I feel on a radiating soul level. 

This is a fortunate window of time to create luck and expansion on the home and family front; to favorably redirect our future by looking to our roots, examining our clan and fully understanding where and why we belong. This act creates a trickle down effect to all areas of life.

We connect through roots and history.

Keywords: Home, family, heritage, roots, clan, psychological foundations, biological inheritance.

We are the sum total of our ancestors and descendants; how do you want to be remembered - what legacy will you leave behind? When all is said and done, we are only remembered by what we’ve shared and in what way we’ve valuated ourselves and others. The life we exhibit makes way for those yet to come and can model the best of those who came before us.

 “Children yoke parents to the past, present and future”. ~ Japanese proverb.

Share story.

Story impacts our lives in a way that can either bind us or tear us apart. It’s through unearthing and understanding our past, in an effort to initiate healing for the future

Here’s a choice: Choose connection.

Weave your story. The past is the pathway to our future and wisdom is derived from that irrefutable sense of belonging.

You and only you are the keeper of your story.  


A happy, healthy New Year to you on this day and always.

The best is yet to come.

Navigating 2014 + beyond: Time to set your course.


“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ~ Nelson Mandela.

All Soul’s On Deck: Creating a better world and an army of amazing humans through spiritual and social artistry.

This time is about mastering collective energy as a driving force - not the I, me, or mine. A time for sensibility, cooperation and waiting for the team to catch up and walk alongside you. Embrace this opportunity and devote yourself to a sense of belonging to the bigger picture, being of  service – to yourself and to those around you. The act will help fulfill your destiny, while you witness others do the same.

Clearly articulate and focus on what it is that you desire in a heart centered way so you will activate your dreams and goals. It’s completely about how you wish to feel and self actualization. Once and for all be relentlessly unwavering. Be clear of what you want for yourself and the rewards will be attainable.

Share your vision for yourself, by setting intention and asking for support. Learn to work in cooperation with this energy. If it starts feeling uncomfortable yet exciting, that is a clear indicator you are on the path to your destiny and should keep moving forward.

Who knows where this path will take us? That’s what’s so incredible about manifestation; many times the rewards are beyond expectation or our wildest dreams.

Eliminate what’s no longer needed - what no longer serves. Shed the stuff that weighs you down, shortens your breath or feels metaphorically like sinking in quick sand. The act of spiritual detox creates space for the new and allows room for what you wish to invite.

Evoke your incandescence: Show yourself to the world, be fully present and live in every given moment. This is about mastery in its fullest expression.

Check out this exhibit at the Pacific Science Center until Jan. 5th - RACE: Are We So Different?   It was designed to help us better understand what race is and more importantly, what it's not. This educational installation covers the everyday experience, the history and the challenges of race.

If you missed my appearance on the Susan Harmon Hour, you can listen by clicking the player below.

Audio File: 

may your dreams burn bright.


A month of celebration: A season to go inward.

It’s that time of year when we’re engaged in celebration.  Parties and festivities that draw us out of our natural hibernation….. and at times into physical exhaustion!

This holiday season offer yourself the "magical pill" called meditation. Go inward; take time out – just 10 minutes a day to set intention, to increase self-care, actualize abundance and visualize a glowing future!

Now is the time, to take a step back for self-reflection. Nourish and nurture your spirit. Prepare yourself for releasing the old and embracing opportunity for re-birth.        

Create room for all-inclusive expansion.

Reflect upon the beauty that your dreams hold and the spiritual muscle that got you here.  

Believe in your magic… I Do!

Here is an article I love on meditation.

More information here for my guest appearance on the Susan Harmon Hour 12/6 and Workshop at Yogalife 12/7!

reconciling our quest for perfection.


“The very thought of perfection is stifling and impractical. If unmanaged it holds us hostage, keeping us from fulfilling our ultimate dreams”. ~Tara Correll

Perfect:  Conforming. Absolutely the description or definition of an ideal.  Excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement. Entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings.  Accurate, exact or correct in every detail.  

It's simple. Perfection = Boring.

There’s joy in organic creation, it’s the soul rendering its fullest expression.

Perfectionism can be debilitating because it lacks the component of soul and true intent.  The word quietly evokes thoughts of, “it may not be good enough (or) what if this or I am not well received by others”.  Truth is - there is that chance; we work so hard seeking approval by attempting to meld into the status quo or from the fear to individualize.

The true answer lies in, “what is the purpose of my motivation, or “the why” of it.” As in: why should you care what people think? That question alone unearths truths.

Note to readers - This is about evaluating perspective in support of what you desire and how you express it – there’s far too much talent that goes unrealized in the name of perfection. It all goes back to our fear of failure.

We all exist from our own unique place of perspective. Define yourself by your vision, not your environment.

Reflection: Who sets the bar? If we are working at our optimum level and to the best of our ability, is that not personal mastery?

Embrace mastery: if you’re giving your all to a project, task, or your art, settle into its completion – release and let go.  Could it have been better? In some way perhaps, there’s always room for improvement or modification.

“Your life is your art. The fact that you’re living, breathing and have the opportunity to thrive is testament to that, don’t wait to unveil your creation – whatever it is. We are all evolutionary works in progress”.

Upcoming Events + Workshops:

Saturday, November 30th: East West Bookshop, 12 – 5 p.m. Intuitive consultations.

Sunday, December 1st: East West Bookshop, 1 – 5 p.m. Psychic Fair.

Friday, December 6th: The Susan Harmon Hour, 12-1 p.m. 1150 KKNW.

Saturday, December 7th: Yoga Life Queen Anne. Workshop, 1-3 p.m. Living Your Life’s Path - Finding Your Soul’s Purpose.

* The holidays are upon us. Give the gift of intuitive coaching and energy work – gift certificates available for everyone on your list! Contact me, here.

a tribute to courage :: the measure of man


Honoring the life of native Hawaiian surfer Eddie Aikau.


The late Eddie Aikau was a big wave, professional surfer who perished at sea in March 1978.  Whether you are a fan of surfing or not, his story honors and represents where the velocity of bold courage can take you in life.  Watch this ESPN documentary series 30 for 30: “Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau.” 

*Visit my events page – here. For November and December upcoming schedule!

There’s a fine art to stealing.


“Art is theft.” ~ Pablo Picasso

Introducing my new favorite read:                                                       


In this thoughtful + humorous book, Austin explores the questions:

* Do you view the world through the lens of an artist?                                  

* Do you know how to unlock creativity?                                                       

* Is imitation flattery? 

Emulation vs. Imitation and the theory of “fake it till you make it”.  

My story: Many years ago before speaking at a large corporate event, I experience unprecedented fear. On one particular day it was announced that there would be nearly one thousand attendees, I nearly lost it. A strategy that helped me push through was pretending to be Oprah. Of course I don’t look, sound, nor was I trying actually channel Oprah, it was more summoning her presence and courage. This act allowed me to achieve my personal best through the art of authentic recreation, enabling me to tackle an unimaginable task.

Emulation is not necessarily “ripping off” an original. You have your own voice, thoughts and perspective. You can slice, dice and add your special sauce to whatever already exists; it just has to reflect your personal expression and true voice – it’s walking that fine line. 

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” ~ Steve Jobs

Austin introduces other topics that bring this concept full circle such as:

* Why side projects and hobbies are important.                                             

* Write the book you want to read.                                                                 

* Why being boring is useful.                                                                          

* Don’t wait till you know who you are to get started.

Read this book. I promise it will change how you preconceive and approach your life – that in itself is artistry.

One thing’s for certain: YOU WILL figure-it-out!


 A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” ~ George Bernard Shaw.

That’s right, mistakes can be useful. “Fail fast”, says Melody Biringer founder of *   The Crave Company   . Melody has built many successful businesses on the concept of “failing fast”. From a business perspective this theory eliminates time lost launching and creating ventures that were never likely to succeed.  The result saves you precious time and money. 

How does this translate to all corners of our lives?

From the way we conceptualize business, to beginning romantic alliances, the pieces sometimes were never meant to fall into place. Our inherent belief system is ingrained and interconnected in the way we approach most everything.


For fear of relinquishing the familiar. When we detach ourselves from familiarity that’s not best serving us, or take the road less travelled, magic will happen. It gives us opportunity to see things with fresh eyes.

Q +A:

* What is familiar and not working in your life that you need to “fail fast” at permanently?

* What’s the lesson you’ve come to realize that’s been repeated time and again that hasn’t served you? How has it improved and have you made peace with it?

This is a time for illuminating areas of our lives that need shedding or total elimination, as if to say “pssst…. hey you, shed baby, shed”!  Go back through your history and connect the dots; think elimination, transformation and regeneration meant to encourage heart-centered expansion.

Repurpose the idea as metaphysical movement; an emotional and spiritual cleanse creating space for you to succeed!

Remember: You are a gift to this world; deserving of living in your fullest expression and in true alignment.

*Check out  The Crave Company . Connecting + promoting gutsy female entrepreneurs and their businesses!

Join me next Wednesday at East West Bookshop for my workshop at 7:00 p.m. More on my events page, here.


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